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Learn About The Different Colon Cancer Types


Cancer is a medical condition that has grown all too popular and impacting thousands of individuals. There are tons of various types of cancer. Several of the more common types are; breast cancer, liver cancer, prostate cancer, and colon cancer.

Out of these, colon cancer - referred to as colorectal cancer - is the most common. According to health experts 1 out of 17 individuals that live in the United States alone will be diagnosed with colon cancer. It has been ranked the third most average cancer that men will be diagnosed with.

What makes colon cancer so fatal is how difficult it is for doctors to spot it around an early stages. There are many different types of colon cancer that will bear upon a person differently. Some are more serious than other types and if they are not spotted early there is no promising treatment for the patient.


This type is the most average type of colon cancer that will start out in a patient\'s glands. This type has two contrasting subtypes that are; signet ring cell and mutinous. 90 - 95of patients who are treated for colon cancer will have the adenocarcinomas type.


This type of colon cancer will start out inside of the smooth muscle that is in the colon. Less than 2of individuals who are diagnosed with colon cancer will be diagnosed with this type. They also have a better chance of recovery.


Lymphomas is a rare type of colon cancer that normally begins inside the rectum before it travels to the colon. It is feasible for this to start in other sections of the body. When this takes place the cancer has an increased risk of circulating to the colon before moving to the rectum at a faster pace.


This is another rare type of colon cancer that will normally start out in a different area of a patient\'s body before it spreads to the colon and the rectum. Not even 2of people diagnosed with colon cancer will suffer from this medical condition.

Neuroendocrine Tumors

These tumours have been broken into two classifications; indolent and aggressive. The aggressive type are neuroendocrine tumors that can be large or small cell. Carcinoid tumors are indolent.
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