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Types of Esophageal Cancer


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The race and lifestyle of a person plays a major role in determining the type of esophageal cancer he is affected with.  It is very important to know about the symptoms and risks of esophageal cancer in order to detect them as early as possible because it is the key for best possible prognosis of esophageal cancer.  According to the esophageal cancer type the risk factors differ.  Normally the type of esophageal cancer is determined through laboratory analysis of the affected cells and tumor\'s location.

The main types of esophageal cancer are said to be the Squamous cell carcinoma and adenocarcinoma.  Squamous cell carcinoma is said to be a common cancer type found in patients all over the world.  But in US the risk of getting adenocarcinoma and other kinds of esophageal cancer are more when compared with squamous cell carcinoma.

Squamous cells are found in the esophageal lining\'s outermost layer that squamous cell carcinoma affects the esophagus\'s lining.  Adenocarcinoma is developed in the esophagus\'s lower part, the region very close to the stomach.  People who are affected by GERD or gastroesopahgeal reflux disease or reflux are more prone to adenocarcinoma.  Barrett\'s esophagus is a condition where the stomach acid gets into the esophagus damaging its lining over a period of time and there by increasing the risk of getting adenocarcinoma.

Various other types of esophageal cancer like the small cell carcinoma, lymphoma and spindle cell carcinoma are not observed in patients very often but are seen very rarely.  Normally these rare types of esophageal cancer might be caused due to the spreading of cancer from various other body parts like lungs, breasts in to the esophagus via lymph system or via blood stream.

Even though various kinds of esophageal cancer affect various esophagus parts in various ways, they are found to be similar in various aspects.  The symptoms are found to very similar in nature and the ways in which they get treated also are found to be similar (depending on stages).  The progression of esophageal cancer to happens in the same manner as they start from the outer most cell tissues and layers to the deep parts of the esophagus and from there to the surrounding organs and lymph nodes.

There are also certain differences found in the types of esophageal cancer as how and who get them.  Adenocarcinoma esophageal cancer is strongly associated with obesity and overweight than when compared with squamous cell carcinoma whereas squamous cell carcinoma is most often caused due to cigarette smoking, extensive use of tobacco and alcohol consumption.  Drinking very hot beverages also increases the risk of getting squamous cell carcinoma.

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